We provide environmentally-friendly pest-control services

AllerClean Pest Control residential servicesWe provide either traditional or eco-friendly “green” treatments depending upon each customer’s requests & tolerance. We have a variety of different environmentally-friendly products we can use to eliminate the pests in your home. If you have children or pets, we have products that are safe to use around them. Depending on your needs and the type of pests in your house, we can effectively use different methods to ensure you have a pest-free home.

AllerClean Pest Control, Inc. eliminates insects and rodents, including cockroaches, ants, rats, spiders, and more. Serving Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley, Ventura County, and Lancaster for more than 17 years. Call us at (818) 993-4554 or complete this form to schedule an appointment.

We are Quality Pro & Green Pro certified by National Pest Management Assoc. We are certified for maintaining some of the highest standards in this business. We take pride in our services and ensure that we provide quality work to our clients. We work hard to maintain our strong reputation and continue to provide excellence to all our loyal customers.

Certified to adhere to highest standards in industry above & beyond federal and state standards. We do more than is required in this industry. Our friendly and skilled pest control experts not only provide their expertise when it comes to eliminating pests but they treat all of our clients with respect and courtesy.

We can use environmentally-friendly products, often derived from herbs, spices, or flowers. Take extra precautions for your health by opting for products that are environmentally safe. Our top of the line products are safe to use around the house and are designed for even the most environmentally-friendly individuals. There is a balance between our standard products and our “green” products so discuss your pest tolerance with us so that we can utilize the best product for your individual needs.

We offer Integrated Pest Management, which includes non-chemical options, and uses of less-toxic chemicals where possible. We care about the safety and health of our clients so we can provide them with chemicals that are less harsh to their health and the environment. If you’re interested in using non-chemical methods in your household, we offer alternative options as well (e.g., mechanical methods).